Massage Envy

posterlet me go on record and say winter is the absolute BEST time to get a massage. the heated bed, the full body lotion treatment, the tight muscles that come from huddling into your coat and shivering… just me? ok.

this past weekend, i was psyched to be invited into Massage Envy Grandview Yard to check out their 60 minute massage. i wasn’t familiar with Massage Envy, and if you haven’t been i highly suggest you hop on board!!!! i felt comfortable as soon as i walked in the door. i was greeted with a smile and a friendly explanation of the whole process that instantly put me at ease. after filling out a little information on a clipboard, the front desk personnel offered me water, gave me a tour of the facility, and introduced me to the masseuse, Jenna. the two then escorted me to their cozy tranquility room where i had just enough time to relax and get comfortable before heading into the massage room.tranquility roomwhen Jenna came in, she was very friendly and professional. we talked through what i was and wasn’t comfortable with and any problem areas i would like her to focus on. she explained that the whole process was adjustable to my desire: the pressure she used, the lights, the volume of the music, the heat of the massage table – everything. and myyyy god, that table. as soon as i laid down, it felt like getting in bed after a long day…despite the fact that it was 9am! it was the perfect level of firm and the heat was so alluring i wanted to melt into it right away. i was halfway slumped into sleep when Jenna gently started with what might have been my favorite part, the scalp massage. she worked her way down, doing my shoulders, arms, legs and feet before i flipped over so she could finish up on my back. the pressure was perfect and Jenna was so professional. she checked in just enough that i felt taken care of, but not so much that it was bothersome. after she finished, i had ample time to recover – literally i was like a very content zombie, peeling myself up against my will – and when i came out of the room, Jenna was there with water in hand to walk me back up to the front.tranquilityroom

i had a glorious tingle in all of my muscles the entire time and honestly, for about an hour afterwards. i felt like i floated out the door without the tension or dry skin that i entered with. i will definitely be going back and they make setting an appointment so easy – request it on their webpage or give them a call! your introductory 60 minutes is only $49.99 which is bomb for any hour massage, but especially this one. trust me.


paulie gee’s short north

firewelcome to the Short North, Paulie Gee’s!! we are always pumped to get new restaurants to our neighborhood – especially when they are as high quality as this joint. drinkwe first heard about the Brooklyn-based pizzeria from the new Director of Culinary Development at Little Eater, Amber Herron. she’s the former owner of the popular spot Deep Wood across from the convention center on High. before landing at Little Eater, she’s been spreading her culinary wisdom to lucky spots around the city through freelance consulting: among them, Paulie Gee’s. after we got a start by sipping on the pictured-above “silver honey” cocktail (including vanilla bean vodka, jalapeno syrup, and egg white), she greeted us with a delicious appetizer, the East River Ferry surf and turf – perfectly brown butter seared scallops, brisket marmalade crostini, with apple-herbs-red wine-shallot salad. the scallops were some of the best i have ever had since introducing seafood back into my vegetarian diet two years ago and the acidity of the salad was the perfect complement. as far as the brisket goes, it will remain unreported until you head over there and let us non-meat eaters know!appbefore we even got there, we knew which pie was in our future. Amber had mentioned to Grace her personal Paulie Gee’s creation: a sophisticated mushroom masterpiece that we had been looking forward to since the words left her lips. it did not disappoint.doughpizza into the ovenpi closefirst of all, i need to point out this crust. i was wowed by just looking at it and the first bite surpassed my high expectations. the balance of crunch on the outside and soft sweetness inside was refined and yet didn’t overwhelm the beautiful toppings. you will not be leaving any crust on your plate here – it’s like the best, freshest bakery bread you’ve ever had. on this beaut lies a foundation of mushroom duxelles: a sauce made from a blend of mushrooms, shallots, herbs, onions, butter and cream. it’s smooth and rich and mixed perfectly with the “extreme mushroom mix” on top: oyster, shiitake, crimini, and two other varieties we can’t remember! hot melted fontina and mozzarella, truffle oil, and thyme push this pie over the top. the meal was super satisfying and i would like it for dinner at least twice a week if not more. please.

so, in case you can’t tell…we recommend the place. check out the menu here!



OKAY i’ll address it. i have not been posting! it’s not like i feel obligated to an audience (lol)(but HEY if you read this all the time you rule)(hi mom) but i have been – as usher would say, – caught up. caught up in my new job, caught up in finally having the same days off as Grace, caught up in the holidays a while ago… it’s all happening!

a quick update on my job: i am absolutely thrilled to go to work each day and that is a really new feeling for me. my company is crazy insanely impressive in how they value, get to know, and highlight employees’ strengths AND that being said, i was offered the opportunity to take over the whole company’s social media! so, if you’d like to see that journey progress (or just be hella supportive), like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Insta! it’s all me and it’s hard work and it’s a lot of fun and it’s a creative challenge that i’m really, really grateful for.

i digress. today, which inspired me to update here, was an awesome day and i’m topping it off by accomplishing a goal of posting on One and Again. this morning we went to Fox in the Snow for a coffee date. ok, coffee and cinnamon sugar muffin date. OKAY coffee and cinnamon sugar muffin and egg sandwich date! what can we say, they just do the damn thing over there; it’s all so good. we proceeded to a quick shopping trip where G was able to score some new high waisted black jeans for work and proceeded on to…our very first therapy session.


i know! just even imagine all the turmoil that brought us there. HA! therapy is f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g great and we thought it’d be a good idea while we’re young and starry eyed and so damn committed to this thing you don’t even know. we already have one of the healthiest relationships i’ve ever witnessed – if i do say so myself – but we are giddy at the idea of digging in even deeper with each other, challenging each other, and growing in our love, respect, and adoration for each other. i’ll wait while you grab a barf bag.

anyways, there has been a lot going on lately and i’ll just leave a little stream of photos below to give you the highlights…

celebrated New Years Eve with G’s family, a nacho bar, and the necessary champagne.champagne tourspent New Years Day in Medina, OH with my extended maternal family12622418_10205153063457379_5766121103406137811_o12604928_10205153078097745_3979233423180568384_owent to a Columbus Blue Jackets game with my friend Jon. we won in a shoot out against the Capitals!12495211_10205153221421328_4166665234060983952_nsnagged some house coffees at Jeni’s, on our block, where i snagged this pic of “home”12508789_10205153221461329_7317897865255970954_nwent through a drive of old pictures and found this gem from right before i turned 4 and my little pup Oscar’s first bath!943820_10205153031896590_1914280620795534138_noz.jpg
played some darts with G, and friends Danielle and Connor at Short North Tavern. it’s right around the corner and has a great happy hour. 12509659_10205153221581332_663460956918051491_nvisited KDev‘s newest property, 250 High, to take some pictures. this place is seriously beautiful and has incredible views.12604840_10205153221501330_5605003053598015301_owent to an amazing brunch hosted by Stump, Here to Disrupt, and Lokal Cold Brew with my mom and Danielle! i heard a rumor that they’re doing this monthly and am really hopeful that’s true because i will be there…12573802_10205153238821763_4564399533541168343_n

i WILL SAY that i have so very many exciting things in the pipeline! we are headed to northern Ohio for a party this weekend with my family, attending the Columbus Museum of Art’s Wonderball next weekend, and i am working with some friends to get to Nashville at the beginning of March. not to mention, i’m sure Grace will be taking me on a breathtaking Valentines Day date in between…hint hint… 😉



Christmas 2015

happy holidays! Grace and i are both off work for a WHOLE WEEK so that is crazy exciting and we’ve been living it up. usually we travel when we have time off together (which is rare) but this week we’ve decided to stick around the capital city and kick it at home. it has been so fun and because i have some extra time this week….*drum roll* a post!!!

last year we discovered the successful strategy of splitting Christmas in two. we drive down to my family in Athens on Christmas Eve and then we drive back up to Columbus to her family for the afternoon and evening. it works out well because we get to enjoy the holiday with both families and we get to sleep that night in our own bed, which was doubly important this year as we both had to work the next morning.

Grace introduced the new Christmas breakfast at my house this year by making Belgian waffles with greek yogurt and strawberry preserves. my mother took one bite and declared it a new tradition. 10256438_10205036753269697_6410364792153258257_o1522474_10205029093958219_4445400829935104333_o10275333_10205036756709783_720095126116581107_o10259143_10205036757789810_5433805645982032806_o921269_10205036753989715_5685009218628689184_o10338516_10205029093598210_2056075507462137920_o12402184_10205036757629806_9017348714713032781_ounfortunately, this year, Addam and Sandy had an opposite Christmas schedule – Sandy’s family in the morning and an Evans evening. they were very missed! here, i gave Grace her big gift of a Le Creuset purple tea kettle and the two of us opened Wonderball tickets from my parents! we are eagerly planning the evening.

around 2pm, we got in the car and had a rainy drive back up to Columbus for G’s family Christmas. every year, i feel so lucky to be a part of their traditions and so fortunate they have absorbed me into the family! we had a blast giving each other presents, posing for cheesy pictures, and eating a fantastic dinner. 1511725_10205029084877992_7982860719437576002_o1053174_10205029087398055_113793975652432878_o920766_10205036756989790_6936553316132170740_o12401816_10205036759069842_4243451498618799828_o12466015_10205036756509778_5579279334479956729_o10259143_10205036754469727_2354031132997588542_o10296167_10205036754869737_5310716881795091841_o12419050_10205036753949714_523470464032430068_o12401833_10205036755109743_3387246163098311916_o858753_10205036758629831_2143441713477032119_o

Grace unwrapped a CELLO from her parents (!!!) and gave me the single most beautiful plant in the world whom i named Felipe, which must be pronounced with a prolonged “i” and an exaggerated french accent: “Fey-LEEEEEEP!” try it.

cheers to a merry and full Christmas and many more posts in 2016! one and again and again and again and again!



ladies and gentlemen, she’s done it again. Grace made us one of our favorites for dinner last night: shakshuka. Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 10.19.59 PM

shakshuka is a traditional Israeli dish with a base of crushed tomatoes, onions, and peppers with lots of warm spices and eggs cooked right in the sauce. it is a fairly simple recipe and makes a hella killer brunch. wanna try it? check out the steps below:

head to North Market Spices. you’ll need these:bay leaf (2)

we used vadouvan, a yellow, French curry powder, but any variety will do! you’ll also need one yellow onion, your favorite pepper, two jalapeños, garlic, and eggs. we used a red bell pepper here and as far as the tomato goes, we used puree this time. however, g has made this a few times and we decided crushed is the way to go. always experimenting…

start by prepping your veggies12339285_10204968829451644_6757354604428726091_o12357220_10204968833051734_4599821842154717148_o1

12366048_10204968833331741_2730099004647019279_o10359024_10204968834091760_842089275266580478_o12371060_10204968828371617_7090797529320558736_osaute the onions until they are just past translucent and beginning to brown10339339_10204968833251739_9074773217055678305_o11235272_10204968833131736_4259024721399073159_o

then add the peppers, let those cook for a minute, and then the spices. we recommend you don’t add any more oil into your saute at this point so the spices can toast a little. this smell alone will make you want to close your eyes for a moment and enjoy it. 1531705_10204968828531621_3554393652897336035_o12377766_10204968828211613_3732644192290713036_o

once you come back down to earth, add the tomato12370659_10204968834771777_3168224476897631412_o

1596976_10204968828491620_5254041597164082240_ostir in the bay leaf and let this reduce about 15 minutes or until it thickens to your desired consistency. at this point, crack the eggs on top and cover until they are cooked to your preference – we like to keep the yolks a little runny so they burst and run into the sauce.12363136_10204968829251639_1664517704950128783_o10321008_10204968834211763_224848171262196558_o

normally we’d top with a little cilantro but we were out (photo at the top from a different night), so at this point, i just wanted to dig into my bowl immediately. best served with avocado and – because living right behind Brassica has its perks – fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven pita. 12375015_10204968828851629_3882539013875493060_o12363170_10204968833771752_4405887890475368243_o12357136_10204968829731651_2123152785610493713_o





woooooph! forgive me for the lack of posts, ya’ll. it has been an insane week with starting my new job and i am still trying to adjust to a new schedule! this is what i was up to on Sunday – my one day off this week – while i wasn’t posting… 🙂











these last few photos are from German Village Lights! if you missed my post about it yesterday, check it out here!


german village lights

german village has got it GOIN ON for the holidays, you guys.11063474_10204925412686252_3460224001213078235_o11231855_10204925412006235_5130117261296826786_o12309627_10204925415646326_6400350416854839713_o12356890_10204925399525923_3995483988078872610_o12322747_10204925415966334_2339059236823346625_o12339239_10204925416086337_996270464358792698_o12307940_10204925416166339_7361435821072327877_o12303928_10204925415406320_5593960782768818938_o12339214_10204925413366269_7608831634163759726_o12322517_10204925404886057_8368923076498511765_o12309790_10204925399165914_3491202289542122067_oi checked out Village Lights on Sunday evening with Kristan and her pup Maci. i think i’m finally ready to accept that it’s the holiday season, even though i’m only about 10% done with my Christmas shopping. eek. thankfully, this was a peaceful yet festive way to get my kickstart-ing dose of carols, lights, chilly weather, and a really creepy Santa in a window. German Village never fails.


Saturday in the Short North

hey! it is currently about 4pm on Saturday afternoon as i’m beginning to draft this and i am snuggled up on the futon in our office with a mug of tea, some music, and a candle. working on One and Again is definitely my idea of a sweet afternoon, but i’m here to tell you all about my whirlwind morning and some super exciting things going on in Cbus!

i was honored to be invited to a Corepower Yoga class this morning at The W Nail Bar. it was so intense! i loved it. i hadn’t taken class in a few months before this, so boy, did i feel it, but the instructors were really positive and helpful. i didn’t take too many pictures during class so i could get the whole experience participating and i am so glad i did. it was hard to pull myself off of the mat for these few!12304522_10204882261207492_4665790007510827433_o1

after a rainy walk to the nail bar, i was greeted so warmly by Beth, the Short North studio manager. she introduced me to the instructors, Jeremy and Stephanie, who would be co-leading the class. they took us from a warm up all the way through a core strengthening series and inversions. their hands-on approach was extremely helpful as they gently corrected and adjusted students throughout the class for better postures and further stretches. growing up in ballet, i am never one to shy away from corrections and i really appreciated the pleasant pushes to go a little further. each movement flowed beautifully with the next but still felt purposeful in its own right. it moved a little faster than some yoga i’ve done but the pace was definitely refreshing at 9am. 12309740_10204882259927460_31441880614636376_o1

Beth, Jeremy, and Stephanie did an awesome job creating a super warm and friendly atmosphere in the room and i would recommend them so highly on just this if i had to, but i left the class sweating and smiling – there are so many reasons to go! i will definitely be sore tomorrow but there was no point in the class in which i felt like i was going to drop dead. i even achieved a headstand inversion with the help from Jeremy and i was very proud!

12307453_10204882265527600_4314573187184090302_oCorePower Yoga in the Short North will be opening at 629 N. High Street in December. Until then, check out more FREE classes like this one on their schedule here.

after the class, the lovely ladies behind The W Nail Bar kindly offered me one of their staple manicures so i could share my experience with all of you.


sisters Amanda and Lauren opened shop in April and it has been quickly growing ever since – and i can see why! not only is their space immaculate, with real plants everywhere and gorgeous photography by Kris Misevski, but the manicurist who helped me, Sierra, was as friendly as she was talented. i had a great time chatting with her as she walked me through each brand in their polish stock, letting me know what makes each unique and helping me pick out a color. we tested out a few (it was so nice being able to see the color on MY nail before i chose) and i ended up going with Rubble by CND Vinylux – i was hooked when she told me it had staying power up to 7 days! the service was really relaxed and she did a beautiful job as we chatted about our favorite spots to eat in the neighborhood (there was much talk of Brassica’s french fries. you need them, i need them, we all need them). The W Nail Bar even makes their very own simple scrub in the studio with epsom salt, coconut oil, and olive oil. it made my hands feel the softest they’ve ever been – even now, hours after. 12309712_10204882262407522_2103523773433388984_o

it is no wonder these ladies inspire loyalty in their customers. check out their instagram page to see some of their other work and then head over to their website to book your appointment. you won’t be disappointed.

at this point in my morning, it was about 11am and having been up since 8 with nothing to eat, i power-walked through the rain to the North Market for some little eater brunch. i am only slightly biased and very, very serious when i say that their mushroom quiche will change your life. armed with a full stomach and some hot tea from Stauf’s, i headed a few steps over to the Greek Orthodox Church where Not Your Mama’s Craft Market was in full swing.12307504_10204882260887484_8595071685438762246_o12304465_10204882259967461_1024827448842231190_o12291256_10204882262687529_5337517520323269716_o12304137_10204882265287594_8350916056261637913_o

i ended up only getting one gift (that i can’t show on here for obvious reasons!) but i loved wandering around checking out all the different booths. there were over 75 vendors showing off their handmade gifts for sale. from woodworking to knitwear to christmas trees, i was so impressed by the craftiness of Columbus!

the hosts of this huge market are the same people behind the artisan pop-up Sundays at the Roosevelt Coffeehouse and you can read more about them here!

phew i know that was a lot, but that’s one thing i love about this city – there is always a LOT going on! new businesses opening, pop ups here and there, and the tried and true spots make Columbus what it is. i had such a lovely Saturday with the gurus of CorePower Yoga and the sisters of The W Nail Bar. thank you to both teams! i encourage you to keep checking out local businesses, including these, and let me know if you’ve found a new gem i need to see!


thanksgiving 2015

happy thanksgiving, everyone! i hope that you all had a relaxing holiday. Grace and i went down to Athens to have the big meal with both of our families at my parents’ house. my mom hosts an excellent holiday meal and there were plenty of people and plenty of food! 12307339_10204877910298722_3884234983841361912_o12304051_10204877910138718_5236867480141836749_o12314546_10204877911738758_16753796783487748_o11062040_10204877910338723_5992452406267424772_o12309508_10204877913938813_760385797700385369_o12265575_10204877909258696_2892674999643062775_o11230800_10204877908818685_8387250090246464887_o12304175_10204877911658756_747225878690170397_o12307511_10204877913898812_7039944848488177816_o12314580_10204877912298772_3872664495968286717_o12314224_10204877907698657_4913402307146709424_o12314462_10204877913458801_3361868955422974753_o


i’m not sure how i managed to miss all photos of the rest of the food besides the turkey – i don’t even eat turkey! my mother called me over to photograph it though so i guess there was no getting around that one. i think she was pretty proud of the color. her friend Lesli got the turkey from a family farm in Athens and there were rave reviews all around. the non-meat eaters amongst us tho (heyyy) enjoyed your usual fall veggie suspects. Grace and my contributions consisted of roasted broccoli with garlic and lemon, fresh homemade paneer and peas in a warm yellow curry sauce, a little eater pumpkin bread pudding with chevre maple icing, and the place cards with the leaves pictured above!

this year, i am particularly grateful for the health of my loved ones, my new job (and Ben and Sandy’s new jobs! we all start on the same day), candles and music, our cozy little house in the very best city, Grace and her immense cooking skills, and all of the opportunities i get to make her laugh. what are you feeling thankful for this season?